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Results-oriented, detailed professional with comprehensive Information Technology (IT) experience. Background includes over twenty-five years of experience as a consultant, employee and business owner in a broad range of IT and business areas. Clients include IBM, General Motors, New York City Transit, State of Alaska, State of Utah and Life Alaska Donor Services. Expert at utilizing a wide range of technologies to develop, enhance and maintain software to deliver top-notch services and deliverables on tight deadlines that meet or exceed the client’s expectations and provide the highest possible ROI. Seeking a position where I can be of maximum service to you and your company and provide you with the highest possible return on your investment in me.



            Years of proven experience being placed in a position of having to rapidly (in a matter of days) learn new business processes and new technologies on multiple platforms and then competently deliver expert-level services.


            Top-notch capabilities in requirements analysis, quality assurance testing, feasibility assessment and the delivery of cost-justified services.


            Known for extending extra effort to deliver quality services under strict deadline pressures and eagerly accepting difficult and challenging assignments that others often reject.


            Experienced at project management, estimating, scheduling and providing team leadership and personnel management utilizing acute perception and excellent negotiation.


            Demonstrated proficiency at discovering and alerting management to inefficiencies and then implementing cost-saving and profit-increasing solutions.


            Highly skilled at relating complex technical issues to non-technical individuals during requirements analysis or for developing and delivering training workshops to technical and non-technical audiences.

Technical Expertise














*Visual Basic      


Tools &Technologies

Apache Ant

Apache Web Server

Adobe CS














JCL & Utilities







MS Access



MySQL & Workbench





Palm OS






Tapestry Framework




Visual Studio

VMWare Workstation

Web Services


Windows Mobile




DB Normalization

Distributed Databases

Entity Relationship Diagraming

Extreme Programming

J2EE Development

Joint Application Development

Model-View-Control Architecture

Multi-tiered Development

Object Oriented Development

Procedural Development


Use-Case Modeling

Professional Experience - Overview


          As a Consultant

(Provided services to clients directly through my company, TNT Designs, Inc., or as a subcontractor or as an employee of a consulting firm.)


TuttiSystems, Inc. (startup - Dental Referral web app)

July 2012 - present

Outside the Box, Inc.& Archer Travel Services

Jan. 2002 - present

Responsive Software

Feb. 2006 - present

General Motors

Aug. 2004 - Feb. 2005

LifeAlaska (Alaska Donor Registry)

Jul. 2004- Feb. 2005

State of Alaska, Information Technology Group

Oct. - Dec. 2003,

Nov. 2002 - Mar. 2003

Frontier Charter Schools

Jul. - Oct. 2003

Apr. 2003

State of Utah, Department of Aging and Adult Services

Jun. - Dec. 2001

State of Utah, Foster Care Review Board

May - Jun. 2001

State of Utah, Office of Recovery Services

Oct. 1995 - Jan. 2001

New York City Transit, Office of Labor

Dec. 1998 - Jun. 1999

State of Utah, Department of Children and Family Services

Sep. - Nov. 1996


Jan. 1993 - Sep. 1995,

Jul. - Dec. 1992

Deseret Mutual Benefits Administration

Apr. - Jun. 1992

Black Diamond Equipment, Inc.

Feb. - Mar. 1992

          As an Employee

Hewitt Associates

Feb. 1989 - Mar. 1991

U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

Jun. - Aug. 1988

Illinois State University

Aug. 1986 - Dec. 1988

Professional Certifications, Courses and Workshops

Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer

Aug. 2001

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Fundamentals

Jul. 1999

PowerBuilder Fundamentals

Sep. 1998

Graphical User Interface Design

Feb. 1995

Quality Assurance in Software Testing

Feb. 1995

User Testing Design

Feb. 1995

Consulting for the Systems Professional

Aug. 1991

Joint Applications Development Team Leadership Workshop

Jan. 1990


B.S. in Applied Computer Science from Illinois State University, 1988 (GPA of 3.8/4.0 within major).


Consistently provided services which met or exceeded the expectations for every consulting engagement. References for consulting assignments are available upon request.


Professional Experience - Detailed

TuttiSystems, Inc., Denver, CO                                                                                                        July 2012 - present


IT Consultant, Software Engineer and Web Application Developer 



Outside The Box, Inc. (OTB) & Archer Travel Services, Los Angeles, CA                                          2002 - present


IT Consultant, Analyst and Web Application Developer 


         Responsible for managing Web application development projects for their full life-cycle.

         Responsible for providing OTB management with consultation on the most cost effective methods for managing and developing their automated information processing.

         Provided cost-benefit analysis and feasibility studies on potential IT projects.

         Represented the client and their best interests in multiple negotiations for IT services from third-party vendors.

         Developed multiple Internet registration systems based on a modular design, which allows new websites to be created with new visual interfaces while re-using the underlying form validation, navigation and database structure.                                              

         Provided quality assurance consulting for the design and implementation of web applications and the enhancement of client-server applications.


Key Accomplishments


                   Developed customized award redemption websites for OTB and Archer Travel clients including Wells Fargo, American Express, Preferred Hotels Group, InterContinental Hotels Group, SuperValue, MGM Grand Resorts, Aria Resort, Luxor Resort, Peppermill Resort.

                   Designed and implemented to meet Wells Fargo’s stringent user accessibility guidelines and security standards and passed the Wells Fargo audit for these requirements.

                   Reduced the cost of developing new websites by thirty to fifty percent.

                   Saved the client ten to fifty percent on third-party IT service contracts by assisting with the negotiations for the services.

                   Designed and developed a CSS driven site that allows the same back-end system to be displayed with multiple front-end graphics utilized by companies such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, InterContinental Hotel Group, Mirage Resort and others.

                   Discovered inefficiencies in the business operations and implemented solutions that resulted in an estimated savings of $20,000 per year.

                   Designed and developed websites that utilize remote procedure calls to various servers to retrieve content for multiple websites.                                



PHP, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, XML, JAXP, JAX-RPC, CSS, Javascript, HTML, DHTML

Responsive Software, Responsive Time Logger®, Salt Lake City, UT                                                   2006 - present




         Responsible for managing the enhancement and maintenance of Responsive Time Logger, the first time tracking and billing software developed exclusively for professionals, on two handheld platforms, individual PCs and networks with up to100 users.

         Responsible for all aspects of customer support and ensuring maximum satisfaction for new and existing customers.

         Managed multiple consultants hired to assist with the development of Version 5.

         Redesigned and re-published the main website to fully utilize CSS.

         Developed Version 5 enhancements to C++ MVC publically available application used by about 6,000 customers.


Key Accomplishments


                   Successfully designed and negotiated a buyout agreement with the previous owner that brought the highest degree of satisfaction to both parties.

                   Increased gross revenue by 5% by switching to in-house built e-commerce system for website purchases.

                   Managed the prioritization, design, implementation and testing of enhancements in order to bring Version 5 to market.

                   Increased sales revenue by 400% with the release of Version 5.

                   Brought a stable and reliable Windows Mobile application to market.

                   Developed an automated website generation system that took the dynamic PHP code, generated static HTML, compressed it and decreased the time to serve the site by 15% - 25%.



C/C++, MFC, Visual Studio, PHP, MySQL, ZenCart, CGI, Apache, Linux, Qaliber, SVN/Tortoise.

General Motors (GM), via vendor Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), Detroit, Michigan                    2004-2005

Requirements Analyst/Consultant 


         Responsible for the requirements analysis, design and implementation of the Change Review Board Reporting System that integrates change requests for multiple software systems from multiple vendors for the GM Parts Management division.

         Responsible for the requirements analysis, design and implementation of the Ticket Management System utilized by ACS managers to track and manage application failure reports and their resolution.


Key Accomplishments

                   Re-worked the software change information management flow into a centralized system enabling multiple GM divisions and vendors to centrally view and manage changes to multiple software systems and their current status.

                   Presented the proposed system requirements and design documents and received successful sign-off for the new system from approximately one dozen different GM division and vendor representatives.

                   Successfully developed and implemented the system and delivered it on time.



MS Access, Visual Basic, MS Excel, Visio

Life Alaska, Information Technology Group, Anchorage, Alaska                                                             2004-2005

Senior Web Services Programmer/Analyst Consultant


         Responsible for the requirements analysis, design and implementation of the publicly available website that allows Alaska state citizens to manage their donor registry sign-up and account preferences via a back-end integration with the myAlaska web services (see: State of Alaska, Information Technology Group, below).

         Responsible for the requirements analysis, design and implementation of Life Alaska’s Alaska Donor Registry Administrative website that allows Life Alaska staff to manage donor registrant and other administrative information.

         Responsible for the requirements analysis, design and implementation of the back-end data exchange integration between the Alaska Donor Registry, myAlaska and the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles databases that provides mutual data exchange between multiple databases to coordinate the capture, management and recording of the donor preferences and account details of Alaska state citizens.


Key Accomplishments

                   Quickly learned and effectively utilized the Java-based Tapestry framework, which was introduced to the State of Alaska on this project and is still in use in 2012.

                   Worked closely with the client to ensure that the most cost-effective design and features were selected.

                   Managed the negotiations between Life Alaska Donor Services and the State of Alaska to procure hosting and support services from the state, ensuring the long term success of the project.



Java/J2EE, Tapestry, JBoss, XML, CVS, VPN, Apache, JDBC, MS SQL 2000, PL-SQL, Eclipse, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

State of Alaska, Information Technology Group, Anchorage, Alaska                                                      2002 - 2003


Senior Web Services Programmer/Analyst Consultant


         Responsible for Web Services client and server-side development utilizing J2EE components on Phases One and Two of the myAlaska project (

         Worked on the development of the Web Services consuming user interface for myAlaska, which provides single-point sign-on, identity management, and identity validation facilities for State of Alaska citizens and various State of Alaska agencies.

         Worked on the development and enhancements of the Web Services that provide access to an LDAP repository that stores myAlaska user information and can be consumed by authorized State of Alaska agencies.


Key Accomplishments

                   Worked on an extremely condensed time schedule in order to meet deadlines imposed by the client.

                   Re-hired by the client to implement the second phase of the project.

                   Readily adapted to using a new web application server selected by the client immediately prior to Phase Two implementation.

                   Helped to ensure the success of the project by helping the client establish proper procedures for migration management, configuration management and automated unit testing.



Implemented Web Services using J2EE components, Java, JSP, SOAP, AXIS, XML, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Eclipse, Sun ONE Studio, Sun ONE Console, Solaris, Visio, VNC, Cygwin, Unix, CVS, VPN, JAX-RPC, JAXP, Log4j, LDAP, JLDAP, JUnit, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, CSS, Tcpmon, Ant, Homesite+, Dreamweaver MX, Adobe PhotoShop



Frontier Charter Schools, Anchorage, Alaska                                                                                       Jul. - Oct. 2002


Senior Web Application Programmer/Analyst Consultant 


         Developed the on-line course enrollment/maintenance and expenditures reimbursement sections for the website that consisted of 28 pages. ( - note that the enrollment feature is activated only during the enrollment period of the school year.)


Key Accomplishment

                   Successfully completed the project on a strict time schedule and within an emergency budget after the original consultant received payment for work performed but failed to deliver key components.



PHP, Smarty, Pear DB, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Homesite+, Dreamweaver MX, Salt Lake City, UT                                                                                                             Apr. 2003


IT Consultant and Web Application Developer 


         Created an on-line PDF document generator that receives selection criteria from the user, harvests over 200 data items and images from the database and then displays the final PDF document in the browser.


Key Accomplishment

                   Completed the project on time under a very tight deadline imposed by the client.



PDFLib, HTML, Javascript, Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Access, MySQL

State of Utah, Department of Aging and Adult Services, Salt Lake City, UT                                   Jun. - Dec. 2001


Senior Programmer/Analyst Consultant 


         Developed the Dynamic POMP system for creating, managing, recording and reporting surveys. This system allows the user to create, store and manage multiple surveys. Based upon the survey definition stored in the database, the system dynamically creates the screens for recording and reporting the results.


Key Accomplishment

                   Dynamic POMP increased the accuracy and speed of recording survey information, enabled DAAS to meet Federal reporting requirements and allows DAAS to create, manage, record and report new surveys in the future without dependence upon the contractor to modify the system.



Microsoft Access, Visual Basic

State of Utah, Foster Care Review Board, Salt Lake City, UT                                                           May - Jun. 2001


Requirements Analyst Consultant 


         Performed the feasibility study, investigation and high-level analysis for the new Foster Care Review Board System comparing three different development technologies. Delivered the findings to the client in a comprehensive written report and oral presentation.


Key Accomplishment

                   Introduced a cheaper technological approach not originally thought of by the client that was about seventy percent less expensive than the estimates for the client’s originally chosen technology.



Evaluated PowerBuilder, Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, and delivered the report using MS Word and Visio.

State of Utah, Office of Recovery Services (ORS), Salt Lake City, UT                                      Oct. 1995 - Jan. 2001


Senior Programmer/Analyst Consultant 


         Responsible for the full development life-cycle of numerous software systems designed to enhance and improve the efficiency of business operations.

         Worked on the design and development of the J2EE compliant “Tracker” Web application which utilizes the Model-View-Control architecture of the Struts Web Application Framework.

         Developed “The Employee Action Manager” (TEAM) to help management administer personnel information and coordinate administrative duties related to employee events, including information changes, new hires, terminations and leaves of absence.

         Developed the “Change Management System” to enable management to track changes to the ORS Information System (ORSIS) code set. This system automatically notifies developers, team managers, testers and code library managers to perform their individual responsibilities and records their actions as the code is checked-out, changed, checked-in, tested and migrated through the development, integration test, user acceptance test and production IBM mainframe regions.

         Developed the “Helpdesk Management System” for recording defects reported to the help desk. The defects are then assigned to workers for resolution and the system allows management to track their resolution and closure.

         Developed the ORSIS Report Printing System for creating custom reports from mainframe data utilizing robust PC report generation features. The system receives data from the mainframe, creates a report and routes it to a specific printer anywhere on the State's WAN based upon the ID of the requester.


Key Accomplishments

                   Designed a web enabled system to further improve the efficiency of managing the ORS Information System (ORSIS) by merging two separate client-server systems.

                   Created a work-flow processing system for the administration of personnel changes (new hires, terminations, information changes, etc.) that enabled management to monitor the resolution of work lists, reducing administrative errors by more than thirty percent.

                   Successfully implemented Joint Application Development methodologies which increased the efficiency and effectiveness of requirements development.

                   Managed the full software development life-cycle, including the investigation, requirements analysis and design, of six major projects.

                   Provided emergency technical support, trouble-shooting and problem solving for all areas of the development platform and LAN.



J2EE, Java, JSP, Orion Application Server, Ant, Struts, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, SQL, DB2, DB2-UDB, Hypersonic-SQL, Windows (all versions), OS/2

New York City Transit, Office of Labor Relations, Brooklyn, NY                                          Dec. 1998 - Jun. 1999


IT Consultant 


         Performed the investigation, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of the Absentee Control System and the Contract Management System to replace existing systems.

         Completed major enhancements to the New York City Transit Issue Tracking System.

 Key Accomplishment

                   The new systems enforced business policies, ensured data integrity and reduced the amount of time it took administrators to perform their tasks by fifty percent.



ColdFusion, Microsoft Access, Windows, Homesite, CFM Studio, MS Word, Visio

State of Utah, Dept. of Children and Family Services, Salt Lake City, UT                                       Sep. - Nov.1996


Senior Programmer/Analyst Consultant 


         Performed the investigation, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of the Intake Worker Assistant to enable DCFS workers to quickly and accurately record client data while interviewing the client on the phone.


Key Accomplishments

                   Significantly reduced worker mistakes by automatically enforcing business procedures.

                   Provided management with exception reports that virtually eliminated the incidence of incomplete services.



Microsoft Access, Visual Basic

IBM, Salt Lake City, UT                                                                                                                Jan. 1993 - Sep. 1995


Team Manager 


         Responsible for managing nine other associates in creating, supporting and maintaining the development and testing platform for the forty-five person project team developing a multi-million dollar project (Office of Recovery Services Information System - ORSIS) for the State of Utah.

         Developed Migration Management System procedures and software to automatically manage the migration and compilation process of ORSIS (a large COBOL, CICS, DB2 application) across four mainframe regions (development, integration test, user acceptance test and production).

         Developed the Defect Reporting System to track defects and their resolution. This system was integrated with the Migration Management System and enabled managers to create system impact analysis reports.

         Managed the LAN Administration group and coordinated the testing and release of new development platform software and tools across a network of forty-five PC’s.

         Created and delivered technical training to the State of Utah Bureau of Information Technology on how to manage the maintenance and enhancement of the ORSIS system.


Key Accomplishments

                   Decreased both the time required (by seventy-five percent) and the defects introduced (by thirty-percent) in migrating the code between four mainframe regions.

                   Significantly improved the quality of the code and timeliness of resolving defects by establishing automated defect tracking systems.

                   Enabled automated packaging and migration of individual ORSIS components, eliminating the defects introduced by manually selecting all of the programs within a component.

                   Decreased the downtime of developers and the LAN by instituting systematic off-hours testing of new software versions prior to site-wide installation.

                   Client renewed contract twice based on excellent performance.

                   Selected as one of twelve contractors chosen from a pool of forty-five to be retained by the State of Utah for continued service upon delivery of the system.



Developed programs on multiple systems:

                                                       IBM PC’s using Microsoft Access with Visual Basic code, Windows, OS/2, DOS, Novell NetWare, WordPerfect, Microfocus COBOL, XDB (DB2 for the PC), Microfocus Animator, Grep, and ADW

                                                       IBM Mainframes using COBOL, DB/2, SQL, CICS, MVS/TSO, Panvalet, Smartest, JCL and Utilities, REXX, and ISPF-PDF

IBM, Salt Lake City, UT                                                                                                                          Jul.- Dec. 1992


Senior Programmer/Analyst Consultant 


         Responsible for performing requirements analysis, design and software development on a multi-million dollar project for the State of Utah.

         Worked with the client to develop detailed requirements documentation.

         Designed and implemented programs to interface with virtually every component of the system.


Key Accomplishments

                   Implemented automated unit testing programs which reduced the time required to fully unit test the software by ninety percent and reduced the number of defects discovered in integration testing by eighty percent.

                   Appointed to a Team Manager position with a renewed contract after demonstrating effective leadership and mentoring qualities.



IBM mainframes using COBOL and DB/2 with initial development performed on IBM PC’s using Microfocus COBOL and XDB (DB2 for PC’s) and WordPerfect

Deseret Mutual Benefits Administration, Salt Lake City, UT                                                            Apr. - Jun. 1992


Senior Programmer/Analyst Consultant 


         Developed the Benefits Interest Adjustment Calculator which managed historical interest and investment data and calculated corrected investment values based upon corrections to historical data.


Key Accomplishment

                   Reduced the amount of time it took to perform investment data recalculations by eighty percent, while significantly increasing the accuracy of the results.



IBM-PC’s (with automated data migration from an HP 3000) and Clarion (a DBMS that produced compiled .exe files for execution in DOS)

Black Diamond Equipment, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT                                                                         Feb. - Mar. 1992


Requirements Analyst Consultant 


         Performed the investigation, analysis and design of Black Diamond’s Work In Process Tracking System utilizing entity relationship diagraming, data flow diagraming and process flow re-engineering.

         Designed the system to enable real-time tracking of the product inventory during the manufacturing process.


Key Accomplishments

                   The system design streamlined the manufacturing process by reducing product part inventory inequities.

                   Real-time inventory tracking features increased Sales Department’s ability to accurately fill orders in a timely fashion.



Developed for implementation on an IBM AS/400 Unix based platform.

Hewitt Associates, Lincolnshire, IL                                                                                             Feb. 1989 - Mar. 1991


Systems Consultant 


         Responsible for the development of software to support the Pension Administration division and the development and delivery of technical training materials for new and existing associates.

         Instituted Joint Application Development (JAD) and Quality Assurance methodologies.

         Managed the yearly upgrades, enhancements and client delivery of Hewitt Associates’ Social Security Calculator to hundreds of clients on most computer platforms.

         Lead the development of a nationwide, on-line database system for tracking software defects and monitoring Quality Assurance efforts.

         Created the New Associate Training and Orientation curriculum materials utilizing experiential education methodologies and provided mentoring to new associates.


Key Accomplishments

                   Designed and implemented a user interface for a nationally utilized defect tracking system that was so intuitive to use that regional training classes were deemed unnecessary.

                   Developed and taught training classes for new Associates that significantly improved the absorption and retention of complex technical material compared to the original training curriculum and enabled managers to more closely monitor student progress.

                   Increased the effectiveness of requirements gathering through the use of JAD sessions.



Developed and enhanced multiple software systems on a wide variety of platforms:

                                                       IBM PC - DOS, Realia COBOL, Pascal, Basic, SPF-PC, Harvard Graphics, Bricklan’s Demo II, PC-Tools, Fastback, Btrieve

                                                       IBM 3090 (and Amdol 5890) - Nomad, COBOL, CICS, VM/XA, MVS, TSO, JCL & Utilities, ISPF/PDF, File-AID, CList, REXX, Xedit, PROFS, VM Tape, VM Manage, VM Secure

                                                       Burroughs 7900 - COBOL, CANDE

                                                       HP 3000 - COBOL, Q-Edit

U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Champaign, IL                                  Jun. - Aug. 1988




         Responsible for the development of the user interface and component integration for the U.S. Army’s Hazardous Waste Management Information System (HWMIS) within a five person team.

         Devised programming standards and structures for the development of the project.

         Conceived a core system of parameterized drivers to facilitate customizations.


Key Accomplishments

                   Reduced by half the amount of time required to develop individual components.

                   After presentation of the final system to a panel of Pentagon officials, the user interface was deemed quite intuitive and was selected for use by the other branches of the military.



IBM PC’s utilizing dBXL/Quicksilver (a DBMS) and Excellerator (an entity relationship diagraming tool)



Illinois State University (ISU), Normal, IL                                                                                Aug. 1986 - Dec. 1988


Senior Programmer/Analyst 


         Responsible for the development of software to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Residence Hall operations.

         Developed ISU’s Residence Hall Desk program to manage a distributed database of over 10,000 students.

         Created ISU’s Residence Hall Student Supplemental Billing Program.

         Trained end-users on how to utilize a variety of software programs on IBM PC’s.


Key Accomplishments

                   Reduced the time it took to process student information by sixty percent.

                   Reduced the time required to create supplemental bills for students by eighty percent.



IBM PC’s utilizing dBASE III Plus, FoxBase, Clipper (all DBMS packages)

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